Thursday, September 13, 2012

A terrible confession....

 I have a confession. I have a problem. A liking, a fondness, even maybe an addiction, of sorts. Is it drugs, you ask? No, I'm too old, did all my drugs in my youth like you are supposed to. Alcohol? Nah, I seldom drink, maybe 3-4 times a year. Sex? Well, maybe, but no, not that either.

So what is it, you are asking yourself? What is this horrible secret I have carried for years and years? What is this thing, this monkey on my back, that I am finally willing to face, and put out there for all to see?

The faint at heart, look away now............

.....the horror, the horror.......
Mashed potatoes. Specifically, INSTANT mashed potatoes. Any kind, most any flavor. Expensive, cheap, doesn't matter, as long as it is instant potatoes.

 So what's the big deal? Well, I'm a chef, and I am also a supporter of non-GMO crops and Slow Food. And I have this horrible addiction to a plastic-like food substance.

I love them. I love them so much, that if I have a box, I will eat them every day, sometimes every meal, until they are gone. Breakfast, lunch and supper. Instant mashed potatoes. The Devil. Evil, evil stuff. How I love it. The ease of slapping some potato powder, milk, water and a little butter into a big Pyrex measuring cup, and nuking for 2 minutes. The wallpaper paste texture. The patently artificial taste. I love it all.

 My favorite meal is a mound of instant potatoes, some sort of veg, like peas or corn, layered with shredded BBQ meat of some sort. Maybe a little cheese if I feel like it that day/meal. Quick, easy and oh-so good!

 So you are sitting there thinking, 'So make some mashed potatoes, what's the big deal?' The hassle. The peeling, the chopping, the cooking. All of it. When I'm in the middle of a busy day at the bakery, this fast food abomination takes little time to fix, not too much longer to eat, and I can be on with my day. Yes, I know they are bad for me. But I still love them, and I will most likely continue eating them until I can't eat them any longer. Pray for me.



  1. Well... they ARE yummy... especially with plastic cheese melted on top!

  2. And that's why I need a microwave! :D

  3. Yes! You can't make instant mash without the microwave!